Meet Our Caring
& Compassionate Team!

McEwen-Frontenac Animal Hospital in Kingston, ON is pleased to provide exceptional vet care for your pets.

Please call us at 613-389-3696 to speak to one of our team members.

Dr. Brian Overgaard, Veterinarian

Born and raised on a farm in Alberta, Dr. Overgaard graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph.  He practiced in British Columbia for seven years prior to settling into Kingston.  Dr. Overgaard is proud to have served the Kingston community for more than 30 years.  His passions include gardening, fishing and carpentry.  Dr. Overgaard had numerous furry friends over the years including many Labrador Retrievers and currently Clarence, his cat!  Dr. Overgaard is proud and pleased to serve the Kingston community! 

Dr. Ken Rutledge, Veterinarian

Graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1979, Dr. Rutledge began practicing medicine in Smith Falls for 22 years, as a locum for five years, and purchased the McEwen Animal Hospital in Kingston, 2005.  Dr. Rutledge is proud and privileged to have served the Smith Falls and Kingston area most of his career.  Dr. Rutledge enjoys his choir, gardening vegetables and assisting his beautiful wife with her flower gardens.  Dr. Rutledge enjoys reading, travelling and is the proud father of three adult children.  He enjoys spending time laughing with his incorrigible Schnoodle, Gerdy!  

Dr. Diane Leishman, Veterinarian

Dr. Leishman graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College some years ago. She travelled west where she owned her own hospital in North Vancouver for many years. After a time in rural Nova Scotia, she has returned to her roots in Kingston. Dr. Diane is especially interested in ultrasound and easing the lives of older patients. She lives in Inverary with her extended family of five. When not working, Mollie and Bobby, two active Springers keep her in shape on the local trails and three cats add to the fun at home.

Erin Vis, Practice Manager

Erin is our kind-hearted, experienced Practice Manager.  With her Veterinarian Technologist Diploma, from St. Lawrence College in 2003, and her more than 17 years of experience working with animals, clients, veterinarians and team members, Erin is the go-to leader in her Practice.  Erin seamlessly leads her team by example, meets new clients and pets, provides clinical experience and supports her team and ensures everyone remains safe throughout Covid.  Outside of the clinic, Erin experiments with culinary grows indoor and outdoor herbs and enjoys music, movies, reading and her cat, Samson.   

Gloria Bell, RVT

Gloria graduated from McGill University and St. Lawrence College, Veterinary Technologist Programme.  Commencing her career in Montreal, Gloria was an integral member of the surgical team prior to joining McEwen-Frontenac.  With 30 years of experience, Gloria shares her experience with members of her team and is an integral member of the Dental Programme.  Gloria loves people and animals and you will find her greeting clients and pets with a smile and a warm heart.  Gloria loves to read and enjoys obedience trials with her beloved Boxer and Boston Terriers. 

Kim Fitzgerald, RVT

Kim, born and raised in the Kingston area is a graduate from the St. Lawrence College, Vet Assistant and Technologist Programmes.  Kim is passionate about furry friends, having worked in the Kingston Humane Society and now in McEwen-Frontenac.  Growing up, she always had dogs, including caring for her neighbours’ pets while they were away!  When not caring for her patients and clients in McEwen-Frontenac Animal Hospital, she enjoys yoga, walking, crafting and continuing her pursuit to master several musical instruments! 

Raquel Pauls, RVT

Raquel began her career in veterinary care by volunteering at the Kingston Humane Society before becoming full time.  With a passion for animals, including exotics, Raquel has a soft spot for snakes, rabbits, rats, hamsters, gerbils, dogs, and birds. Growing up around farms, Raquel enjoyed expanding her knowledge and experience with large animals.  In 2013 Raquel graduated from Northern College Haileybury Campus. She is passionate about the animals and clients she cares for and in her spare time she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, dogs, hiking, and kayaking.  Her fur baby cats include Simon, Luna, Kitty, and B.

Pierre Buffard, VT

Pierre grew up in Kingston, Ontario and has always had a love for animals. Pierre spent a lot of time in the outdoors as a child, enjoying the wildlife. He has owned many pets including dogs, tarantulas, cats and guinea pigs.  Pierre graduated from the Veterinary Technology Programme at the St. Lawrence College In 2017. Pierre is very excited to join part the McEwen-Frontenac  team as a Veterinary Assistant. 

Carol Saunders, Groomer
Angela Williams, Groomer
Shelby Strong, Groomer

Shelby grew up in Harrowsmith and is passionate about animals.  She dipped her toe into the grooming field by bathing pets in a veterinarian clinic.  In 2016 she attended the St. Lawrence College, Veterinarian Assisting Programme and upon graduating, she pursued her passion in pet grooming. . Shelby loves your furry family members and takes great pride in their grooming and appearance.  Shelby joined McEwen-Frontenac  in 2019 where she grooms and mentors students.   Shelby enjoys hiking with her Sheltie Tin Tin, growing vegetables and crafting rock art, garden deco and wood burning.