Meet Our Caring
& Compassionate Team!

McEwen-Frontenac Animal Hospital in Kingston, ON is pleased to provide exceptional vet care for your pets.

Please call us at 613-389-3696 to speak to one of our team members.

Dr. Samir Youssif, DVM

Dr. Youssif is McEwen-Frontenac Animal Hospital’s newest DVM and is enjoying the friendly, knowledgeable, and well-trained team. He has a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine degree and particularly favours spaying and neutering surgeries. Dr. Youssif is passionate about protecting animals from diseases and helping sick animals get better. He is currently taking a dental course and an ultrasound program to further improve his expertise. Dr. Youssif had pets back in Egypt, a Golden Retriever dog named Besco and six rabbits. In his free time, he enjoys reading, listening to music, swimming, and volunteering at the St-Georges and St- Joseph church.

Erin Vis, Practice Manager

Erin is our kind-hearted, experienced Practice Manager.  With her Veterinarian Technologist Diploma, from St. Lawrence College in 2003, and her more than 17 years of experience working with animals, clients, veterinarians and team members, Erin is the go-to leader in her Practice.  Erin seamlessly leads her team by example, meets new clients and pets, provides clinical experience and supports her team and ensures everyone remains safe throughout Covid.  Outside of the clinic, Erin experiments with culinary grows indoor and outdoor herbs and enjoys music, movies, reading and her cat, Samson.   

Gloria Bell, RVT

Gloria graduated from McGill University and St. Lawrence College, Veterinary Technologist Programme.  Commencing her career in Montreal, Gloria was an integral member of the surgical team prior to joining McEwen-Frontenac.  With 30 years of experience, Gloria shares her experience with members of her team and is an integral member of the Dental Programme.  Gloria loves people and animals and you will find her greeting clients and pets with a smile and a warm heart.  Gloria loves to read and enjoys obedience trials with her beloved Boxer and Boston Terriers. 

Kim Fitzgerald, RVT

Kim, born and raised in the Kingston area is a graduate from the St. Lawrence College, Vet Assistant and Technologist Programmes.  Kim is passionate about furry friends, having worked in the Kingston Humane Society and now in McEwen-Frontenac.  Growing up, she always had dogs, including caring for her neighbours’ pets while they were away!  When not caring for her patients and clients in McEwen-Frontenac Animal Hospital, she enjoys yoga, walking, crafting and continuing her pursuit to master several musical instruments! 

Pierre Bouffard, VT

Pierre grew up in Kingston, Ontario and has always had a love for animals. Pierre spent a lot of time in the outdoors as a child, enjoying the wildlife. He has owned many pets including dogs, tarantulas, cats and guinea pigs.  Pierre graduated from the Veterinary Technology Programme at the St. Lawrence College In 2017. Pierre is very excited to join part the McEwen-Frontenac  team as a Veterinary Assistant. 

Tara Colling, RVT

Tara Colling is a Registered Veterinary Technician on a mission to help furry patients at McEwen-Frontenac Animal Hospital feel better. She has a diploma in Veterinary Technology.

Tara loves her team like family, building relationships with clients and their pets, and finds joy in geriatric medicine. She is the proud mother of Tristan and Fionn, her bonded brother cats who she adopted through Napanee Community Rescue.

When she’s not working, Tara enjoys using her veterinary skills to help animals in need by volunteering at a 100% volunteer and donation-run animal hospital in Carriacou, Grenada.

Angela Williams, Groomer

Angela grew up around animals and in 4 H, She obtained her first horse 30 years ago and has had horses and dogs since.

She had an active career in the military reserves for four years and went back to school to obtain her bookkeeping certificate but her interest in and love for animals led her to take a grooming course at 2009 at St Lawrence college.

She started working with Carole at Pet Grooming by Carole in 2013. her interest in animal behavior and drive for continuing education has led her to take many courses and attend many conferences and in 2016 Angela and Carole opened teamwork canine centre in Kingston.

When not grooming or training, Angela likes to spend her time at home with her husband on her 13-acre farm with her horses, birds’ cats and dogs.

her hobbies include spending time in the outdoors whether it be camping, archery or riding. She is also an amazing Baker and loves to spend time in the kitchen.

Michaela Thompson, Customer Service Rep & Receptionist

Michaela graduated from the Veterinary Assistant program at St. Lawrence College in 2017. Since then she has found her passion working with shelter animals while building her customer service skills along the way. During her personal and professional endeavors she realized her true passion is also helping people. Working at McEwen-Frontenac gives the opportunity to work with people AND animals.. The best of both worlds! In her free time Michaela enjoys going on road trips with her boyfriend, cat, and two dogs in their camper bus. Michaela loves watching cheesy comedies and anything with Mike Myers in it. Austin Powers and Wayne’s World are her favourite movies… Yeah baby yeah!

Carol Saunders, Groomer & Behavior Consultant

Carole got her first dog in 1990 and started Lockelsy Kennels in 1993 raising Irish wolfhounds. Already a Licensed hair stylist, she wanted to learn how to groom her own show dogs. This started her career in dog grooming and has owned and operated her own salon and been grooming professionally since 1993.

In 1998, Carole started teaching at St. Lawrence College, graduating many professional groomers, who are Prominent in the industry today.

Having a great interest in the psychology and behaviour of animals and Particularly dogs, she continued her education in a variety of courses, seminars and conferences and is certified in operant conditioning behavioural analysis. In 2016 Carole and Angela opened Teamwork Canine Centre.

Carole prides herself in being a devoted owner of a dozen different breeds throughout her life and she has groomed, trained, and loved many more.

Carole shares her life with her family on her 50-acre farm, where she raises Scottish Highland cattle and Dogue de Bordeaux. the farm is also home to a variety of other animals including horses’ birds, cats and koi. Carole also enjoys spending time in nature whether that be working in her extensive gardens, walking the property, camping or at her cottage.

taylor with her three cats
Taylor, Receptionist

Taylor is our receptionist. As soon as you step through the door, she will greet you with a big smile, she loves interacting with our clients and patients in the warm and inviting atmosphere of the clinic.

She grew up with a variety of animals and has always been comfortable around them, which led her to pursue a career in animal care. Taylor received veterinary assistant training in 2020 at St. Lawrence College. She is planning to become a veterinary technician in the near future.

Taylor has three cats, ray of sunshine PJ, snuggly Ellie, and sassy Echo. She is also a fur parent to Peakoe, a moody hamster. When she’s not at the clinic, Taylor loves reading and participating in theatre. She was even in the movie IT: Chapter 2!