Your pet deserves exceptional veterinary care.

We are dedicated to providing the best services for all of your canine and feline family members.


Individualized vaccination plans that are appropriate for the lifestyle of your pet to keep them in the best health for years to come.


X-rays, blood work, and tissue sample analysis are completed on-premise in our very own lab for quick turnarounds.

Geriatric Care

We take your pet’s age and lifestyle into consideration when recommending custom healthcare plans to help your aging pet to stay healthy, happy, and active.


This service is offered for dogs and cats while in for their annual examinations or when they are having surgery.


Keeping your pets as safe & pain-free as possible is our top priority. We offer an array of general surgeries; including spay/neuter, growth removals, skin biopsies, urinary bladder stone removal, and cast/splint applications.


Digital X-rays to perform radiographs on the spot help us diagnose fractures, urinary bladder stones, foreign bodies, and other issues quickly. We also offer to image using an ECG and an ultrasound machine.

Dental Care

During annual check-ups, every patient’s mouth is examined and recommendations are made for the care of the teeth and gums. If needed, we are also equipped with dental digital x-rays to visualize below the gumline.

Puppy and Kitten Examinations

During your full examination, we provide training tips, advice, and health plans for your kitten or puppy.


Carole and Shelby provide their services out of our hospital and are happy to groom your pet to their most comfortable and cute appearance.

Behaviour Consults

Behaviour Consults by Carole, certified in operating conditioning behavioral analysis. Puppy training consults and one on one sessions.